Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Godric Gorm

Godric is a little Glum.
Despite my better judgement, I am running a Sunday night Pathfinder game.  I have naturally created a whole host of "supporting cast," including Mr. Gorm here.  I'm gonna post occasional characters, when I need a little fiction to break loose a dissertation jam.

Godric Gorm was born in the village of Grindletuk in the foothills of the Five Kings Mountains.  His father was a local hunter and bowyer, and Godric grew up in the wild.  His two older brothers migrated to the Dwarven holds in the mountains, but Godric took up his mother's faith in Gozreh, in his aspect as the Old Man of the Storm.  He made pilgrimages into the deep mountains and learned what he could from the Wild and local druids.  His brother Grandle, meanwhile, had joined the Pathfinder Society, where he became involved in the archiving of rare Dwarven maps.  When Grandle disappeared, Godric travelled to Absalom to discover what had become of his brother.

Godric is short, even for a dwarf, with a bushy brown beard, large mustache and weathered, leathery cheeks.  He is quiet and thoughtful, but he embraces his anger when it does rise, and thinks of himself as a slow-building storm.  He travels in a green cloak and dull brown, weathered mail, with shield and shortbow strapped to his back.   His waraxe is unadorned but kept sharp at his side.

Since joining the Pathfinders, Godric has served as a wilderness guide and scout for short expeditions by various Venture Captains, while trying to track down his brother.