Thursday, February 16, 2012

From the Desk of Godric Gorm

     I had been in Absolom almost four months when I discovered the first clue to the fate of Grandle.  Everyone knew he had been working in the map archives in the Society’s vaults.  He had loaned a table in the great hall, which was covered in old tomes and scroll tubes.  In between guiding trips for the Society, I was going through them all, trying to find similarities, a theme or subject that ran through them.   The Society gave me a little room in the lodge, small and stuffy but comfortable enough, and in the evenings I wandered the city, taking in the sites.  The power of Gozreh is weak here, among all the old stone and humanity, but the Children of Spring keep a shrine in Evergreen park, and I was always welcome there to breathe some clean air and speak to the woodlands.  IT helped, but after four months, I was ready to move on.
    Grandle's notes pointed towards Andoran, to a vault beneath the Darkwood Vale that had been abandoned for centuries.  He was after some historic records that the Pathfinder library kept in the restricted section, and had tried several times to gain access from the Archivists.  Apparently he was given permission just before he disappeared, and his notebooks mention a map with archaic names that he had apparently copied from some surveyor's memoirs.  He made an appointment to discuss the map with Master Torch, an information dealer in town, but never made the meet.  Grandle's copy of the map showed up on the black market a few weeks later, where it was re-purchased by a Society wizard named Simon Mendelsohn.  I tracked down Mendelsohn, but by the time I found him, the map had been stolen by a former associate.  I feel like I am constantly three steps behind, and I am tired of waiting.
     Tomorrow morning I am going after the map.  I have what was left of Grandle's coin, which should be enough to hire a few swords, and the Society is interested in getting it's property back and has given me a small stipend.  I don't know where this map leads, or who else is interested in it, but it is my only clue as to what happened to my brother, and I will follow it until the trail runs cold or until I find Grandle.

--- Godric Gorm,  5th day of Erastus, 4710 AR

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